"Keep 'em Flyin'!"
(My Dad's WWII Service - a photo journal)

runway takeoff of P-38 or P-41

E-Book Project!

'Zombies, E.T.'s and The Super Entity
A Selection of Most Stimulating Articles (self-published: 2014)

Zombies, ETs & The Super Entity

SCRIBLERUS Press Anthology Publication!
Riffing on Strings - Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory (June 2008)
(The Anthology includes my 'mashup' poem: Finnegans Elegant Universe)

Riffing on Strings - cover Design

Riffing on Srings - Book Promotion - A Visual Poetry Slide Show ! - Strung Together
(Explore this unique, collage poem constructed from the featured poems)

FUTURE FORWORD (2002, 2003)
(Visual/New Media/Techno Poetry Exhibition - view the 10 min. documentary)

A Fusion of Spoken, Written, & Visual Poetry

THE EXQUISITE COSMONAUT ~ Towards a Collaborative Poetics in Space
Research (paper) proposal for the ESA/LEONARDO 7th Workshop on Space and the Arts, 2004

G-PHAC (General Protocol for Human-Alien Contact)

"It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."--unknown source

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