Looking Glass Girl
(1989 - photo, 2023 - composite with text)

Part of a series of digital 'mashup' works utilizing E. A. Poe text
('Masque of the Red Death') and Covid-19 clinical notes (2021)
Note: a variation on this work (POE-VID 21) was jury-selected for Art Fluent's 'ConTEXT' online exhibtion (2021)

EZ Compensation (April 15, 2000)
IRS Form Redaction Poem

'3 Quarks for Muster Mark' (2005)
3 quarks intersecting the Quantum plane
A VR environment frame capture made using DVPLS (3D kinetic poetry installation; see: 'DESIGNS' or 'Special Projects')


IN SINK (1987)

For What is Madness? (Theordore Roethke)

GENOM(I)CON (1998?)

On The Possibility of Time Deformation (2006)
(i.e., a "time loop")

"I don't want to rule the world, I just want to be a consultant" -- M. Ricciardi

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